The Technology of Prayer


Excerpts from KRI Level 2 Conscious Communication Manual

“Prayer is not talking to God. The concept behind prayer is the urge to tap into our own unknown. Prayer is tapping energy from my own unknown. Whenever you want to reach your own unknown you must pray. And the only channel through which your own unknown can reach you to help is the power of your own prayer. That is where you have been taught something totally wrong. Even the thought that prayer is to communicate with your soul is unnecessary and inaccurate. The soul is already there, communicating with or without your help.

“The concept of prayer is to tap your own unknown for your known. When the known and unknown are united in the oneness of the self, God is alive. When the known and unknown are separated in any concept, God is dormant. Not dead. Not gone. Is that clear? Therefore, the power of prayer has to be continuous. The moment you become a prayerful person, the fear of the unknown is gone and love of the unknown awakens.”

We can all learn to throw aside our old ideas of prayer as a behavior, and we can experience it as a reality to use as a communication tool. Because the mind is essential in this, the proper use of our prana, which controls the mind, and our words, which control our projection, can make our prayers effective.

“Everything about you will be taken care of. Simple. And once you start your day with something good and nice like that, then you will go on under that rhythm for the whole day. Without prayer you are weak. You are not complete. We feel empty no matter how many possessions we have if we do not fully possess our self. That emptiness comes to us because we have not got the inflow of the unknown into the known of us. It is that combination we are seeking as humans. It is that combination that makes us failures or makes us successful.

“I am a human being with certain known powers. There is a certain known concept of mind. And there is a certain unknown concept of mind which is my reserve, which is right behind me all the time. Prayer is tapping energy from my own unknown. Whenever you want to reach your own unknown you pray. And the only channel through which your own unknown can reach you for help is the power of your own prayer. Prayer is not talking to God.

“Those who see whatever is happening around them and whatever is around them as God, are always tapped into their known and unknown. There are those who are only tapped into their cloud. Yeah, that is a cloud up there. You know it, and I know it. But who brought that cloud? And who made the sky blue? …God is so great that whosoever touches that greatness must appreciate it. And that appreciation of God is prayer. Prayer is your concept of appreciating the infinity of God which is your unknown. It is a relationship right here. Between the known and the unknown there is a relationship, an appreciation of the unknown, the vastness, and the creativity. “Gimme a car, a Mazda. I am your good son.” That is not prayer.

“Learn to call on yourself. Learn to be yourself. Learn to vibrate. That’s one good thing we all can learn. Let us become prayerful in attitude. Then God will bless you in every field, whatever your field is. It’s just a matter of practice. Once this practice is established in you, you shall not have a problem. The only problem is when you stand against yourself… You must reach out for yourself. All other powers are useless if you don’t have your own power. And the power of your soul is the most pure power. Let the vibration go out of you… [From your heart, not your head!] It is your prayer. It will meet all challenges unto Infinity. Let your soul touch the unlimited shores.” -Yogi Bhajan

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

From The Aquarian Teacher: Conscious Communication. KRI International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Level 2 Transformation Practitioner. Kundalini Research Institute. 2006.

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