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Pritpal Singh hosted our second HomeKirtanChat Facebook Live Video program on April 24 with guest Mata Mandir Singh! This special program focused on the shabad ‘Jhim Jhim Varsai’ and its relevance for these times. Video includes live music, stories and discussion.

About the Artist

Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa is an international teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound. A heartfelt singer/songwriter and skillful musician (guitar, mandolin and cittern), he is a pioneer of the chant and mantra genre, having recorded around 30 CD and cassette titles since the 1970’s. Mata Mandir is a featured artist on Invincible Records label, with many new albums in progress. He is also author of the forthcoming book, Naad Yoga: The Yoga of Sound. Mata Mandir continues to teach and play music mantra concerts around North America, Europe and China, sharing his love for the sacred sound current which we are all a part of.

Invincible Music:


Click Here for a Shabad Sheet for ‘Jhim Jhim Varsai’ – Gurmukhi, Transliteration and English Translation 

Home Kirtan & Chat with Pritpal Singh – Live on Facebook on Fridays at 3 p.m. (EST) 

In these unprecedented times of isolation and quarantine around the world, connection with each other and global sangat feels more important than ever before. Sikh Dharma International is offering this new weekly program –  Home Kirtan & Chat with Pritpal Singh – to offer comfort, connection and upliftment during these times.

We will offer an interactive live video session every Friday at 3 p.m. (EST) on Facebook livestream, Pritpal Singh will bring on a different guest musician to play a shabad with special relevance for these times, and then to chat about it. There will also be time for audience interaction and Q&A!

You are invited to participate in this new and interactive live Shabad Guru program. We hope it will nourish your soul during these challenging times.

Click Here to Watch All Episodes of the HomeKirtan & Chat Program on YouTube! 

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