What is Giving?

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What is giving?
I am often blessed to read the lectures of the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) in the course of my work, and I find that most of what he speaks about leads back to giving. Here are some attitudes about giving I have gleaned from his vast teachings:

• Giving is being kind, compassionate, loving and sweet.
• Giving is learning not to judge yourself or others.
• Giving is your prayer for others.
• Giving is getting up every morning for Sadhana.
• Giving is taking out your checkbook and giving 10% back to God.
• Giving is blessing everything and everyone around you.
• Giving is relating to your soul.
• Giving is keeping your dignity, divinity, grace and honor in every environment.
• Giving is answering the call of duty and doing the job right.
• Giving is choosing to walk towards your own destiny.

Everyday, in every moment, we are given the gift and opportunity to give. Regardless of what the situation may hold, regardless of the way thoughts may crash around in our heads, regardless of the other person, regardless of anything – we can give. We give everything in a place of love and nothing in a place of fear. And, in the place of love, we give, and everything comes back to us: The prayers, the sweetness, the peace of mind, the wealth, and the blessings.

The vast, vast teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) empower us everyday to a richer, fuller life, following our destinies. That, is the true mission of his teachings.

The mission of Sikh Dharma is to share these teachings with you, and her and him and with everyone around the world. Meditate on how much these teachings give you – imagine how much they can help others. And then, please give back. Thank you.

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