Yogi Bhajan Teaches the Ra Ma Da Sa Meditation for the First Time

Portrait of Yogi Bhajan, 1980

Excerpted from a lecture given on July 30, 1975 in Espanola, New Mexico, U.S.A. by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Unto me you walk in, on this golden string, the bridge between you and me, and walk into my heart and rest. You will see universe, universe and the Creator of the universes. O my love walk. My heart has many chambers, in the coziness of it, you will find the real peace.

O my love, even when I will be gone, for the gift of life you gave unto me and for the moment you sat in the corner of my heart, you will live on this earth forever as immortal.

Tie down this mind, the itching mind, with the healing ray of golden color with a silver bright shine, and it is the string of Ra, Ma, Da, Se, Sa, Se, So, Hung . . . Penetrate deeper into the heavens you can penetrate. The beauty of to sit still is to create the entire environments to move. Sun still sits and the planets move on the orbit.

We will chant today the most secret healing chant . . . When mind is made, God is not far away. And now please sit down and let us do this beautiful chant. It is a vibratory action . . . Okay this is a chant you have never chanted before.

Please take the tongue out and roll it, because it’s a very hard chant therefore we must understand, first we do the Sitali for about three minutes to overcome the reaction of it . . . Whenever you need stamina, you need power, you need strength, you want to grow. Then there lies the secret of Sitali.

When you want to get rid of fever, disease, sickness, nonsense, just breathe like this, there is a cure right in you. First the tongue will become bitter and then it will become sweet. Moment the tongue becomes sweet, you have overcome all your sickness inside, that’s all, that’s all it takes. You breathe through the tongue and exhale through the nose, the breathe will become very long, life will become very long.

Certain things come to such people who do this kriya. All things they need on this earth are given to them by the planet ether. In mystical terms we say, Heavens shall serve Thee. All right enough. Let us go, Ra Ma Da Se, Sa, Se, So Hung . 

[Yogi Ji and students chant Ra Ma Da Se Sa Se So Hung together] . . .

Inhale. Exhale. Now take any part of your body, doesn’t matter what, and with the other hand project on it, and then mentally chant this mantra. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung, anywhere doesn’t matter . . . Right and left both work. The miracle of this secret mantra.


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