The Supreme Lord (Parbrahm)

The Supreme Lord 



The one who belongs to the Almighty Supreme Lord,

Holds the whole world in his hand.


The one within whom the Supreme Lord lives,

The Heavens and Earth meditate on him.


Whoever meditates on the Supreme Lord,

He becomes a Man of God, a Saint.


Whoever sings the Supreme Lord’s praises,

Joy and Peace shall come to his home.


Whoever sings the Supreme Lord’s virtues,

The Supreme Lord manifests Himself through him.


Whoever meditates on God in the Amrit Vela,

Through his Sadhana, he merges with the Supreme Lord.


Whoever chants the Supreme Lord’s Name and teaches others to do so,

Such a one becomes God Himself.


Raj Yoga is the Supreme Lord’s gift.

In Raj Yoga one is absorbed into the Supreme Lord.


Raj Yoga is the Supreme Lord’s seat.

The Radiance of the Shabd illuminates the Inner Depth of the Heart.


When Kundalini rises, one becomes the very Image of the Supreme Lord,

And all things appear as God.


The Glory of Sat Nam is  Infinite.

Chanting it, one becomes Infinite


Whoever hears and meditates on the WaheGuru mantra,

Joins the Consciousness of the Supreme Lord.


Whoever sings God’s glories,

Becomes the Undying Image of the Supreme Lord.


The Yogi tells God’s story …

The Knowledge of Infinity is a Total Miracle!


Image Courtesy of Gurumustuk Singh.


Page 49 in the book Furmaan Khalsa: Poems to Live Byby Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

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