About the Radiant Body


 “You have ten bodies, you know that? You have a spiritual body, that’s the soul. You have a negative mind which gives you right of life. You have a positive mind which gives you inspiration to achieve. You have a neutral mind which gives you success, victory and prosperity. You have a physical body which is the instrument with which you can achieve it. You have an arc line that goes from earlobe to earlobe. Females have another one that goes from nipple to nipple. You have an aura. Aura is the body which represents and integrates your soul, mind and your body. Then you go into your subtle body; that is where you are wiser, faster and better than others. Then there is a Pranic body by virtue of how you live. And then comes the radiant body, that’s your shield, that’s automatic. You are not just physical.”  September 4, 1992 ~ Siri Singh Sahib Ji

About the Radiant Body

The Radiant Body gives you spiritual royalty and radiance. A strong Radiant Body will make you courageous in the face of any and every obstacle. Good things are drawn to you through a developed and powerful Radiant Body. On a practical level, people with well-developed Radiant Bodies are said to have “charisma.” Their very presence works for them before they say one word. They virtually “shine.”

The Radiant Body gives spiritual royalty and radiance.  The qualities of the radiant body are royal courage, creativity, radiance, nobility.  Mastery of the Radiant Body allows a person to be courageous and creative regardless of any obstacle or fear.  They will “radiate” a royal excellence and exceed all expectations.  If the Radiant Body is weak, people tend to avoid conflict, feel shy, ineffective and unable overcome fear; their energy levels fluctuate.

Each of the ten bodies relate specifically to the qualities of one of the ten Sikh gurus.  The Radiant Body relates to the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind SinghGuru Gobind Singh and the Radiant Body

In the time of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, he and his Sikhs faced the extreme challenges of tyranny and oppression. As a final resort, they needed to rely on the sword and the shield to stand for truth. Today, we can use our Radiant Body as a shield against all challenges, as our first line of defense to stand for our truth.

Our Radiant Body quietly communicates who we are before any word is spoken. When it is strong, we are filled with natural contentment and self-confidence that projects a calm presence, without the need for dominance over anyone or anything.

Guru Gobind Singh is the universal herald of courage and victory. As we invoke his presence we notice it most in the Radiant Body; allowing us to feel stronger, more energized and more able to face anything. When we recite the mantras and poems of Guru Gobind Singh, his frequency of excellence and purity resonates throughout our being, steeling our persona and elevating our caliber.

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