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The Aquarian Musical Affirmations

The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan personally directed these recordings for their specific meditative effects on the subconscious and the nervous system. Over the years he said many things about them: “The recordings are based on the Adi Naad sound system, the Adi word hypnotic sound affirmation. These hypnotic affirmations uplift the inner soul. They
Aquarian Affirmations albums Nirinjan

Sevadar Acuariana: Charansev Kaur – Langar Guru Ram Das Ashram (Chile)

Hace casi dos años me encuentro administrando uno de los cuatro Langar que se encuentran en la V Región, Chile, llamado 'Langar Guru Ram Das Ashram.' Nos juntamos todos los días Miércoles a cocinar hamburguesas vegetarianas con amor, y luego repartimos estos alimentos a la gente que está en situación calle o bien trabaja en
Langar Guru Ram Das Ashram Chile 2

Documentary Preview: The Life and Legacy of Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak’s message was ahead of his time, and he was considered a revolutionary activist. Guru Nanak espoused equality for all, gender empowerment, service to others, an honest living, devotion to the environment, and belief in One God. This documentary interweaves Guru Nanak's life, and how his spiritual legacy is carried out today by outstanding
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