Guru Ram Das Birthday Celebration

7 Days of Shabad Guru

October 27 to November 2

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Miracle Mantra Moment

September 30 and October 28

Another opportunity to connect to Guru Ram Das and Sangat at 3:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, September 30 and October 28.  This is a continuing of an earlier program based around 11 minutes of chanting of the shabad, Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur for healing and generating peace. After the chanting there will be discussion of related topics.  You can tune in for this program via the Sikh Dharma International Facebook Page or the Sikh Dharma International YouTube Channel.

Virtual Sahej Path

October 30 to November 2

We invite you to participate in our 5th global virtual Sahej Path in Honor of the Birth of Guru Ram Das Ji.  No experience required!

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Special Sadhana

This special sadhana of chanting Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur for 2 ½ hours in the Amrit Vela took place on October 9.  Here are recordings for you to listen to:


Hail, Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World!


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