Har Simrat Tayree Jaai Balaai – This Shabad Brings Mastery of Self

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Written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this Shabad brings mastery of self. Meditate on this Shabad or recite it 11 times a day to experience this energy in your life.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Raag Gauri – Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 193

Har simrat tayree jaa-i balaa-i.

Sarab kali-aan vasai man aa-i.

Bhaj man mayray ayko naam.

Jee-a tayray kai aavai kaam


Rain dinas gun gaa-u anantaa .

Gur pooray kaa nirmal mantaa!

Chhod upaav ayk tayk raakh –

Mahaa padaarath amrit ras chaakh.

Bikham saagar tay-ee jan taray,

Naanak jaa kau nadar karay.

By remembering You Oh God – diseases vanish.

And all joy and happiness comes to reside in both heart and mind.

Oh my mind – meditate upon the One Name.

Then will the Actions and deeds reflect His Life spirit.


Night and day sing of His infinite quality.

The perfect Guru is immaculate Magic!

Forsake other means – and rely on His protection alone.

And enjoy His Nectar – the most exquisite delight.

The devotee is delivered across the painful Ocean of Life,

Oh Nanak, when His Merciful Glance is cast.


Listen to this Shabad by Bhai Inderjit Singh ji


Click Here for a Shabad Sheet of Har Simrat Tayree Jaai Balaai


This post was drawn from the Psyche of the Golden Shield, compiled by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur with English translations by Sardarni Nirbhao Kaur Khalsa and transliterations by S.S. Sant Singh Khalsa, M.D.  This resource is available to purchase through Sat Nam (Europe) or Amazon.

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  1. Ram Singh GUETABA says:

    Wahe Guru !
    Belle mélodie. C’est regrettable que nous découvrons ces secrets après avoir déjà été victime des ” middle-life” crisis ! Que faire maintenant ?

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