Honoring Mother Earth: 40 Weeks of Teachings

Join Us to Develop a Collective Positive Projection to Honor Mother Earth

It seems to have become the norm that, day after day, we see more horrific events happening across our beautiful planet and we learn more about the consequences of our climate crisis. Fires are out of control, there are daily catastrophic weather events, sea waters are rising and pollution is overtaking our land, air and water. For those of us watching this climate crisis unfold, we can feel powerless. Psychically and emotionally, this feeling of helplessness can take a toll. We are each wondering, “what we can we do to help”?

We can take active steps – by getting involved with our local communities, donating to causes helping with these disasters, making our voices heard to the people in leadership who make important decisions which impact the environment, and by making better ecological choices in our own homes and lives.

There are also subtle steps we can take to make a positive impact in our own psyche and the collective psyche of the planet, through our personal projection, meditation, intentions and prayer.

The Slok (last section) of Japji Sahib by our beloved Guru Nanak Dev Ji says:

“Air is the Guru, water is the Father and earth is the Great Mother of All”.

Over 40 weeks in 2020, we will share a different technology each week – tools to strengthen our subtle bodies, and through our collective efforts, manifest more peace in our own lives and peace for our Mother Earth. You can participate in two ways:

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2) Join our “Honoring Mother Earth” Facebook Group and share with others in this weekly practice.

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May we come together to Honor Our Mother Earth and consciously participate in as many active and subtle ways as possible to create a Healthy, Happy and Holy planet!

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  1. When does this wonderful chapter start? Anyone??
    I am very much looking forward to this. I really enjoyed the 40 weeks of Jap-Ji Sahib as well. ‘Honoring Mother Earth’ must begin with honoring Self since we are connected.

    Once you start taking care of yourself ; Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally (I call these the four pillars of existence). You naturally begin to keep the contamination at bay.

  2. So looking forward to being a part of these 40 weeks of teachings! So needed at this time personally and for our beautiful planet. Thank you!

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