This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Siri Guru Granth Sahib on Page 1120

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Written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji and found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on page  681.

Reciting this Shabad will bring fulfillment of every wish.


Jo maangeh thaa- kur ap-nay tay so-ee so-ee day-veh – The Lord gives whatever is asked of Him.

Chatur disaa kee-no bal apna, seer u-par kar dhaa-ree-o
Kirpaa ka-takh avalokan keeno, daas ka dukh bi-daaree-o 

He has spread His power in the four directions, and has put His hand on my head.
Looking with gracious eyes, He has removed the pain of His servant.

Har jan raa-khey Guru Govind
Kanth laa-ey avgun sabh metay, dyaal purakh bak-shund 

Master, who is the Lord, protects His people Himself.
Removing all the bad qualities, the Compassionate and Forgiving One embraces (me).

Jo maan-geh thakur ap-ney tay, so-ee so-ee day-veh
Nanak daas mukh tay jo bolay, eehaa oohaa sach ho- vey
The Lord gives whatever is asked of Him.
Whatever Nanak, the servant, speaks from His mouth becomes true here and hereafter.


Listen to this Shabad by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa:

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Picture of Satkirin (far right on the guitar) with other women singing Kirtan at Summer Solstice in 1973.


Jo Maangeh, My First Shabad – By Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

“Jo Maangeh…..” a most beautiful Shabad was the first Gurbani Kirtan I ever learned to sing.

In January 1973 the Siri Singh Sahib sent a small group of ladies (and Bhai Sahib Dyal Singh) to the Golden Temple to study “Sikhee” with his wife, Bibi ji. But before we could go on this trip to Amritsar, we were stuck in Delhi for one month.  The gift was to study kirtan with Amarjit Kaur. The challenge was living together in the tiny 3 room household of Yogi ji, plus taking turns to learn on one harmonium; 8 ladies! Good thing I had brought my guitar!

Read/sing these wonderful words and savor and understood their meaning. While this SHABAD is traditionally sung at times of rejoicing; in people’s home celebrating a birth, a  birthday, a marriage, a new enterprise, it gives blessings…..

The Shabad speaks of the power of the spoken word. In the realm of “Naam chit aaveh…”, singing, reciting the Guru’s word (Gurbani) can open our intuitive mind. Practically speaking this is what happens when we recite “Gurbani” we speak with our tongue in the code language of the soul. And the confinements of our thoughts become expanded to the clarity of Infinity (rather than the voice of the limited mind).

Study these words and know to NOT ask for anything from God. Why? Because we usually express in a limited expression of our thoughts. Rather, use the words of Infinity, (Gurmukhi – the words of the saints) as a template for understanding. And bypass the limitations.

Guru Arjan is describing the power of God is in ALL directions. You can speak to Infinity in the words of Infinity. Thus express and feel God placing His/Her hand on your brow. Express and feel “your pain is removed”. Embracing this Infinite word, it will embrace you. SING and feel the tongue in your mouth. And feel the sincerity of your longing with your heart.

And you will know that to only ask for the love of God is everything . And God will cover you in ways you in all ways, as you could not imagine.

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  1. Parvinder kaur says:

    My son and we were blessed by Guru Gobind Singh pitamaharaj and. Got US visa after doing ardas at sachkhand huzur sahib but of sudden our visa s got cancelled and revoked i m vry much depressed and my son too . I don t understand what to do’. Help me i m so alone , non of my relatives is helping me out to overcome my problem , how can gurbani help me and my son

      • Ashmeet Kaur says:

        Recite mool mantra
        1st pauri of japji sahib… understand the meaning of that pauri
        Chaupai sahib
        Even though waheguru Manta is so powerful for depression. Performe 5 malas of waheguru jaap. You will see major difference

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