What Does it Mean to Be a Minister of Sikh Dharma?

Victory Virtue

Excerpt from Chapter 1, Sections I-K, “The Sikh Ministry”, page 8,  of the book, Victory and Virtue

  • It means to make yourself small so that others may feel large.
  • It means to make yourself a servant so that others may feel their mastery.
  • It means to give so that others who lack may receive.
  • It means to love so that those who feel unloved may have someone who never rejects them, someone with whom they can always identify themselves.
  • It means to hold out your help to those who ask and don’t deserve help, and also to those who do not ask or deserve it.
  • It means always to be there when you are needed, yet never to press yourself on another when you are not wanted.
  • It means to stay at peace so that those who are contentious will have someone to whom they can turn to stabilize themselves.
  • It means to keep a cheerful outlook so that those who are easily cast down may have someone to lift them up.
  • It means to keep faith, and to keep on keeping faith even when you yourself find little reason for believing, so that those who have no faith can find the courage to live.
  • It means not merely to live a life of prayer, but to turn your prayers into life , more life for you, more life for those to whom you minister.
  • It means to be God,centered and human,hearted, to involve yourself in the humanity of men and women, and to keep your vision on their divinity, drawing forth this divinity in all around you.
  • It means to share in the great moments of human life , in birth and sickness and marriage and death , and at all these times, whether of crisis or of celebration, to bring comfort and a blessing, and above all a sense of a Presence that sometimes we cannot see and of a meaning that often we overlook.
  • This is what it means to be a minister of God and a minister to humankind.

Not an Intermediary

In Sikh Dharma, a Minister does not act as an intermediary between God and the Sikh. Rather he or she through the tools and attitudes described herein serve the sangat in their journey towards the Guru. This is not a paid position. It is a blessing by God if it is your destiny.

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