Meditation: Calm the Drums of War

Tarn Taran Singh and Tarn Taran Kaur moved to Hamburg, Germany in 1975 and opened the first 3HO/Sikh Dharma Ashram. During the 1980’s, Russian tanks lined up on the East German border, which was 20 minutes from Hamburg. The entire country was very tense about this Cold War threat.

Tarn Taran Kaur called Yogi Bhajan and asked if they should leave. He said:

“Stay. Chant Sat Naraayan with crystal clear projection and purity of heart. Chant to stop the drums of war.”

It is time again to change the rhythm of the drums. Let them vibrate with the heart of humanity.  Now is the time to meditate on these sounds.

No particular melody or mudra was given. Chant with community or hold the mantra in the mind throughout the day, when the fear or uncertainty of war raises its ugly head.


Here are some versions of the mantra “Sat Narayan Wahe Guru, Hari Narayan Sat Nam” on the Sikhnet Gurbani Media Center.


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