Opportunities Will Come


by Siri Singh Sahib Ji

“Life is a given gift. Atma, the soul takes the body and the distance of life is covered by destiny and challenged by fate.   There are some people who live life making their security the earth, the here and now. They box themselves in.  They feel insecure and irrelevant to the environments if they are not secure.  And their security is very important to them so they box themselves in more. That is sort of a prison.   Atma, the pranic shakti, is also prisoner of the ribcage. It breathes in and out, but when a person with his ego has created an insecurity box, then there’s no place for the soul to go in and out. Then a person goes deeper and deeper, layer by layer, into boxing in one’s Atma, one’s self, and therefore does not have any sensitivity to feel others.  All they want to know is that their security is secure. Now, there are other people who live a life of a mission. They live a life to love everybody. They are smiling and beautiful and outgoing to everybody.   We are reminded that it’s the Guru’s cause; our life is the Guru’s cause. Guru’s guidance is what we solicit.

Har ka naam dhiaa-i-ay ke too(n) hoa, har-i-aa bhai.  Take the Name of the Creator God and be healthy,  Opportunities will come.   You know you have life that you can live. You can have all that you need. That is destined.  More than that you can only get, if you open yourself up. Open your door; open your heart to others.  You have to show that you are the beloved of the Lord and you are here to live a life for everybody. And this is unlimited. Whatever life is given to you by the pranic energy is unlimited.   And it is not necessary that you will die and you will be forgotten. No, there is an absolutely human example.  Guru Nanak came in physical body, lived, talked, preached, helped, and elevated everybody.  He was ever with us, he is with ever us.  Nobody at that time when he was alive forgot him, nobody forgets him now.  Guru Nanak is all around.   Aap jaapai avraa naam japaavai.  One who meditates on God and  Inspire others to meditate.   It is a very simple thing that gives prosperity, purpose and projection in life. Weaknesses are many, handicaps are many, but this covers all weaknesses. Serve everybody, whenever a call comes, need comes, come out and be  with people, becoming dependable people serving people, projecting people, people with a smile and glowing faces.

We are very fortunate, be thankful. Chant Wahe Guru everywhere. We bless our self and Guru blesses us in return in abundance.  And this is an experience of endurance.  Endurance in the sense that we feel and act on how much hunger and need there is, how much each atma wants to glow. In return our children will be so happy, so authentic, so enduring.”

© Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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