Our Pattern, Personality and Projection


Prosperity Meditation taught by Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan on September 10th, 1995

Part One

POSTURE: Come into Easy Pose. (Note: this set was taught to people sitting straight in their chairs, both feet equally weighted on the ground.)

MUDRA: Bend the forearms up so that the hands are facing forward with the fingers pointing upward. The elbows are elevated a little bit so that the hands are just outside of the shoulder area and must be positioned slightly behind the line of the earlobes for the full effect. The shoulder muscles must be pulled a little backwards and toward one another. If it starts hurting that means you are doing it right.

BREATH: One-minute breath. Concentrate on your breath and control it mechanically and silently. Inhale 20 seconds. Suspend the breath 20 seconds. Exhale 20 seconds.

MANTRA: Listen to the mantra Sat Nam Wahe Guru, Indian Version #2, pronounced SAT(I) NAAM, SAT(I) NAAM, WHAA-HAY GUROO WHAA-HAY GUROO to provide a rhythm for the breath. But keep breathing in absolute silence.

TIME: 11 minutes.

END: Inhale deeply and suspend the breath. Raise the hands up over the head and interlock the fingers. Stretch the spine as much as you can 5 seconds. Cannon fire out through the mouth. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

COMMENTS ON PART ONE: Whosoever perfects this breathing science with this posture can conquer one’s own death.
Sit in absolute silence and don’t worry. The hammer bone of your inner ear will bring changes. You don’t have to do a thing. Just set yourself in perfect posture and breathe consciously. The rest will be taken care of. Try not to hear the sound. Try to block the sound. Use your mental control to concentrate only on the breath and the posture.

Part Two

POSTURE: Continue to sit peacefully in Easy Pose.

MUDRA: Make the hands into fists with the Jupiter (index) fingers extended and the thumbs holding down the other fingers.
Bring the fists to the level of the Heart Center and face the two Jupiter fingers towards each other so that they are overlapping. Then begin to spin the fingers around each other without touching. They move fast—as fast as 3 times per second, 180 times per minute.

EYE FOCUS: The eyes are open, looking down at the fingers.

TIME: 8 minutes.

COMMENTS ON PART TWO: This second exercise will change the metabolism and the blood stream. The glandular system will secrete differently. We practice these exercises as a science—not as a mythology. To us, there is no mystery. It’s a well-known, organized, scientific reality. Every person has the right to progress and every progressive self has to have a definite discipline, to create a frequency and a projection. To us, that is God. This is a very funny exercise. You will laugh at it, but do it fully and you will understand why you are doing it. The Jupiter finger is a finger of wisdom and tranquility. It is your power to
overpower your negativity or somebody else’s negativity. Bear the pain. This is Jupiter. The western and eastern hemispheres of the brain will start correlating at the neutral place so you don’t want the fingers to touch. That’s how it is. The exercise will change your breathing. It will change your thinking. And it will change your mental projection. Because it will recharge your brain energy and bring equilibrium to both hemispheres of the brain, left and right. But you have to look at the fingers and you have to go fast.

After a couple of minutes you are going to go crazy—that’s what it does. You must build stamina to keep up. Your ego cannot tolerate that you cannot do this little exercise. This is where you win.

You couldn’t do in eleven years what this exercise can do in eleven minutes. You can do eleven minutes of this exercise. Another person can go and sit on a rock for eleven years. The man who sits on the rock will be as dumb as he started and you will be fine, because the power
is inside us. We have to work with our neurological system.

Part Three

Keeping up in the posture from part two, begin to whistle and slow down the movement of the fingers. Move the Jupiter fingers slowly. Whistle and move your fingers to the rhythm of your own whistle. In this third part we deeply meditate and touch our inner self, our soul.

TIME: 3 minutes.

Now inhale deeply. Bring your hands into prayer pose at the Heart Center. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth very strongly. Clear out all sickness and disease, and your inferiority complex. Become your own healer. 1 ½ minutes.

TO END: Inhale deeply and press your hands against each other with maximum pressure. 10 seconds. Exhale. Inhale again,
and again press. 5 seconds. Exhale. Inhale a third time applying maximum pressure with the hands. 5 seconds. Exhale.

COMMENTS ON PART THREE: There is a part in the hemispheres of our brain called the third neurological plate cycle that sets the pattern of our personality. In one hundred years, medically, they are going to figure this out. There is a little stem of the brain—they don’t know what it does. But it has three rings to set your temperament, your metabolism and your pattern.
This meditation works on the third neurological plate that sets our pattern, our personality and our projection. The exercise is not very beautiful because it will move you and it will shake you up. It is not fashionable; it requires you to work. But, God, if you can take that dead part of you out, you will be living again.

The effectiveness of your personality shows in how you speak. When you wake up in the morning and you open your eyes to be yourself, that first minute sets the whole frequency of the day. If you get up one day feeling indifferent toward yourself for that first minute, everything you encounter will be indifferent to you the whole day. There is nothing wrong with you, but the frequency of your psyche and the frequency of the psyche of the day will not connect.

These exercises are very simple. Through them, we work with certain muscles and meridian points. We stimulate the reaction in the hemisphere of the brain and we cause fear. And then we ask the master part of the brain, through the medulla, to coordinate and correct the fear. Thus, we develop the automatic system of corrective behavior within ourselves. When you do these exercises, they are very simple. They are very simple but after a while they will become very painful. The normal tendency at that time is not to do it. At that moment you have to win. After a while you will come out of the pain and you will be in a different space. If you continue doing these three exercises every day, you can set the pace of your personality to invoke in you the self-power.

If you can do these three exercises in your lifetime, you will never be hurt. It only takes forty days to perfect yourself. This exercise will not give you a chance for foolish thinking. If you do this exercise, after forty days, you will never space out. It doesn’t matter what happens—even under hypnosis you will not space out. We used to give this exercise to our intelligence staff so if they got caught and put under hypnosis, they would have self-control.

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