The Seven Steps to Prosperity

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The Seven Steps to Prosperity are:

Commitment: is a must in a human.
Character: is the Glory of a human.
Dignity: is the courage of a human.
Divinity: is the strength of a human – physical and mental.
Grace: is all power of the human.
Power to Sacrifice: is Dasvandh – Giving is like God, His only act is Giving.
Happiness: enjoy the ecstasy and exalted feeling of it all.

“It is so simple; there are seven steps for happiness. First step, the foremost step is, you need commitment. When you have a commitment that will build your character. Once you have a character people will trust you, love you, then thing starts flowing towards you. When you have a character, you will find the other step that is Divinity. But, before that you have enough dignity to be very saintly to all the people. When your life comes to that dignity of self-respect, character, self-esteem, then you will have Divinity, then you can serve anybody and anybody and everybody without question. That is the concept of love; where there’s a love there’s no question, where there’s a question there’s no love, period. When you practice that status, you shall be very graceful, then you will enjoy to sacrifice, for those who you need to sacrifice for. The feeling to sacrifice, give happiness. These are the seven steps. Opposite to it, for worldly opportunity, for anything we can wangle our way through, for our ego, for our attachment. We take away this golden opportunity of the seven steps and ruin ourself and our future.”  ~  Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, Master’s Touch Teacher’s Training Class #2 on May 10, 1998 in Paris, France

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