The Law of the Vacuum

Yogi Bhajan 99

One of the greatest things about Yogi Bhajan was that he didn’t just teach with words. Part of the power of the body of teachings that encompass his Lifework is that he always gave us the opportunity to experience the lessons that bring us closer to remembering that it is all God, it is all good.

Tithing was another way in which he taught us to envelope ourselves in the experience of God. Give, he said, and God will take care of you. We have to give because it creates a vacuum and the law of the vacuum is that it cannot be empty, it must always be filled, and the Infinite will fill it for us.

It is easy to think, “OK, if I give $100, I will receive a check for $1000,” yet the gifts in our lives don’t always take the form of dollars. I recently spoke with someone who demonstrated this. She has always tithed, but wondered about her retirement, and whether tithing was the right thing to do. But she went on to tell me about all the many ways she felt protected and covered and all the truly wonderful gifts she had received in this lifetime and we recognized together that these, too, were the manifold return for her trust in the Infinite and her persistence in tithing, despite whatever circumstances life had offered her.

When we look to the body of teachings that Yogi Bhajan gave us, opportunities like these are the ones that stick out in my mind. In every lesson, in every direction, with every opportunity he gave us the chance to experience it ourselves.

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