Simple Man’s Prayer


  1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.
  2. Make a cup of the hands and hold them at the heart level making sure the heels of the hands are at least six inches from the body. The sides of the Mercury fingers and the edges of the hands touch. Keep the elbows relaxed by the sides of the body.
  3. Breathe normally throughout the meditation. Upon completion deeply inhale and completely exhale.
  4. Make no effort to control the eyelids or eyelashes.
  5. Keep making the spine straighter and straighter. “A crooked spine will make you crooked even in prayer.”
  6. Feel that something is dripping into your hands from the heavens, the light of God, the flow of life, the supreme energy, whatever you want to believe in. Jesus Christ is sending you some cookies. Think of Santa Claus. It doesn’t matter what you think of. Perhaps Moses is coming in the cup of your hand. Feel something is dropping from above into your hand. Descend into this vision until you start feeling it as a reality. Just ask for a simple grace.


“I’m just telling you the original comfortable way of prayer. Mohammedans still do it. This prayer exists in their practice; at first everything is an imagination, like a blueprint, then you start feeling the experience and it becomes the reality. That’s the difference between imagination and reality. Just be simple. It should not be difficult for you to concentrate. You are not simple, and that is why it is hard for you to do it.”  Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

*The source manual for this meditation is KRIYA: Yoga Sets, Meditations, & Classic Kriyas from the Early Years of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan,  published by Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).

Copyright:  Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


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