The Royalty of the Khalsa


Artist: Sewa Singh Khalsa –

“My soul, bless me, be with me. Energize me so I can face the world with the strength of the spirit. Save me from duality, give me the reality and royalty so I can face my world in peace and tranquility. May this journey of life be completed with love and affection, kindness and compassion for all living things.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib Ji

Guru Nanak asked his son, Baba Siri Chand to lead the Sidhi Yogis. Then under his guidance all the heads of the schools of yoga came and bowed to Guru Ram Das. This sealed the future lineage of the royal throne of Raj Yoga to his guidance through his Radiant Body. This was recorded in the Shabad Raj Yog Takat Dee-an, Guru Ram Das. The throne of Raj Yog belongs to Guru Ram Das. Guru Ram Das called our lifestyle the householder path; living in our royal radiance while living in the world.  It matters not to what gender you were born, from which country you came, in what station in life you are engaged, or whether you are rich or poor. It is our human birthright to live in our regal and noble nature.

When Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave birth to the Khalsa, he gave us the gift of reunion with our royal, divine essence.  Upon creating the Khalsa, he elevated humanity to go beyond merely praising God, and gave an exact formula to experience God in ultimate radiance and royal stature. Those supreme gifts of divine priestliness, of spiritual warriorship, and royalty in the court of the Divine are gifts offered freely, forever more, to every human being. Living in royalty means living in that royal courage to command yourself and honor your own soul and sacred discipline each morning.

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Some say that the blood running in our veins creates the strongest bonds, but those who have tasted the divine Amrit of the baptism of Khalsa know that the infinitely wound bonds of the Khalsa spirit surpasses all understanding and every sort of earthly tie. On that miraculous day that the Khalsa was formed, all humanity became beneficiaries of those gifts that were bestowed, which elevate us to royalty in the Divine court. Bana, Bani, Simran, and Seva and the Five Ks give us our distinct identity in the world and the right to stand in the court of the Divine, while yet living in the world.

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“Shining from our hearts, we shall brighten these challenging times by igniting that spark of the radiance and divine royalty within all.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib Ji

Sat Nam.

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