PROSPERITY MEDITATION – Trigger the Positive Mind

Trigger the Positive Mind – A Meditation for Prosperity

Taught by Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan on January 10, 1998 and featured on page 196 in Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance

“If you are really positive about it, then the positive mind may serve you forever.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Part One

POSTURE: In Easy Pose, take your left hand, put it under your shirt and find your Navel Point and place the center of your palm over it. Take your right hand and put your four fingers on the forehead, thumb sticking up.
BREATH: Breathe mechanically, not automatically. Breathe yourself. Breathe in yourself. Breathe in mechanically, breathe out mechanically. Keep your spine straight, keep your contact points on the forehead and Navel Center and see what happens.
TIME: 7 minutes.
COMMENTS: Between your Navel Point and your Agia Chakra, or ajna—the Third Eye. I am not saying what will happen. It’s a simple, scientific challenge. Your head is up there. Your heart is in-between. And your Navel Point is the basic nucleus of what the Chinese call your chi energy. We call it your ji energy, your “I” energy, or the center shushmana from where, as a spermatazoa and egg, you took this body, this shape and your geography. You grew, you lived and you enjoyed without taking a breath of life. You were born and this Navel Point provided you everything—remember that. So this energy is the immortal energy, not the mortal energy. In yoga, never breathe the breath of life automatically. Always breathe mechanically. 31 minutes of mechanical breathing can give you health like you have never had. It can give you strength like you have never understood. It can give you answers for every question—even questions you cannot fathom. Because you live by the breath; you die by the breath. So you must enjoy the breath.

Part Two

POSTURE: Take your left hand and put it around the back of your neck, holding the neck in this grip. Place the right hand at the Heart Center.
EYES: The eyes are closed.
BREATH: Inhale mechanically through whichever nostril is working and exhale through the mouth.
TIME: 10 minutes
COMMENTS: You have all the Cs, 1-6, under your hand (vertebra in the neck). That neck grip means that the blood will rush, the spinal serum will rush, and your brain will get an automatic tonic. Press your heart. Press it to the point where you can feel the vibrations at the forehead. Check it out.





Part Three

POSTURE: Stay in the position and begin to whistle to **Ardas Bhaee. You will find the rhythm and it will automatically elevate you. Project the energy as you contain your biorhythmic psyche.
TIME: 3 minutes.
TO END: Relax.
COMMENTS: The work is that your mind has to be positive. The positive mind has to tell you, “I am made in the likeness of God or the Creator,” (if you are atheist, say anything, it doesn’t matter).” I am made in something and I have to prove to something, I am beautiful, bountiful, I am in bliss.” You can only live absolutely happily if you build a positive mind.
The only way you can become independent is if you are intuitive. And to develop your intuition, you have to have your breath—the basic elementary power of life—under your control. And you must have a positive mind because all the thoughts that are stuck in the subconscious will start dropping into the unconscious when it’s overloaded—and then you will have nightmares. So you have to get rid of them at the subconscious level.

You must achieve things through the mind—the positive mind. Achieve positive things for yourself. When you are positive, your life is positive, your projection is positive. Then you will find a lot of people love you, a lot of people come to you. There are two ways to live, folks. One is to hustle and live. The other is to live and let things come to you. So if your magnetic psyche can be positively aroused from point six, point eight, point nine or one to two point five, everything in the world you ever need mentally, subconsciously, consciously or unconsciously will come to you. If you really are positive about it, then the positive mind may serve you forever.

**Recordings of Ardas Bhaee from Healing Sounds of the Ancients by Anahata Choir can be purchased from Ancient Healing Ways.

Listen to the track here:



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    • Pritpal Singh Khalsa says:

      Not a problem. Keep your lips pursed as if you are whistling but just make an “oooo” sound like humming but with your lips in this position, following along with the melody of the recording.

  1. Tejbir Singh says:

    Another great share SDI. I have this book but I really like how you share a special meditation and include music. Very well produced and also a blessing to practice and to have to support our efforts in this transformative to time on earth. Wahe guru, sat nah.

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