Winning Your Mind

This article was originally published in a 1985 issue of Beads of Truth, and is based on a lecture delivered by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan in December of 1985.


My capacity to determine my life is my own virtue. My virtue is my opportunity in relating to the pros and cons of my life. And the pros and cons of my life are based on my sensitivity to my intuition. My intuition is based on my registering the pros and cons and the possibilities, including my strength. My strength is based on my spirit or on my soul and my soul is my strength and is equal in all provided my mind relates to it. My mind relates to it if I have trained my mind.

Mind was given to the soul at her appeal when she said, “Lord, I’m separating from you and I’m going to the earth. My love for you, is Infinite. If I long to meet you and see you and feel you and experience you, what can I do?” At that moment the God gave the mind. Mind is faster than time and space. It is the highest faculty of the human being. But it has to be trained. And when mind is trained it brings you the virtues, it brings you the consequences from the sequences, it brings you riches of the earth and heaven.

And when mind is untrained, it brings you disease, misfortune, pain and disgrace. Planet earth is a place to experience the training of the mind.

Nanak, those who win their mind, win the heavens and the earth. Untrained mind is the only curse man has to live with. Man jeetay jag jeet. By winning your own mind, you can win the whole world.

Very few people understand the theory of the mind. Those who command their own mind will know consciousness. Those who will know consciousness shall be known by God, honored by God. They are in the shield protection of Godhood forever. Those who are ruled by mind will live in insanity and shall die in disgrace. Mind is your potential friend, and potential power of your own Infinity. But when you do not control your mind, it has no option but to control you. There is no enemy on the earth but your own mind and there is no other friend on the earth but your own mind.

Either you befriend your mind or you have animosity with it. If your mind is untrained you don’t need to find bad luck or a bad star or a bad enemy worse than that. But if your mind is trained, you don’t need to find a friend, a virtue or good luck.

Mind is the ever known power and strength because only between a man and his mind can the relationship of God and the soul be established. The soul shines through the virtues and the reflection of the mind and the trained mind always brings back virtue to the body and to the physical identity of the man. In that identity lives the ecstasy and the grace of the human being, in any form and shape, and age and possibility of time and space that one may be. Therefore, nothing matters. It is the mind which you control. And that is the courage which has been given to you as a human being.

‘It isn’t the life that matters. It is the courage you bring to it.’ And the courage is to control your own mind. Through mind you can see, feel, and experience the radiance of your own soul. Through that radiance your radiant body can shine and put you on the top of this earth forever. It is the simplest method of living in peace. And richness. Here and hereafter. It is open to all of those who give it a chance. And this life is nothing more than just a chance. Those who shall miss this chance shall miss God for a long time. Those who avail chance shall find God amidst them forever. That is the purpose of this visit to this planet, this earth.

History has proven, those who have seen their soul through their mind and reflected that radiance through their radiant body to all the people on earth, in spite of the fact that they have dropped their physical body, they have always lived to be remembered and have guided mankind through generations. And those who have been guided by their own mind have been forgotten even by their own born kith and kin.

When God will be kind to you and in that blessing He can take you to a spiritual teacher and spiritual teacher can take you to your own soul, making your mind to come through discipline. And the moment you accept a spiritual teacher,  you also accept a very huge war at hand and that fight is between your mind and your ego. That is where ego becomes the blessing, the help, the health of an individual. Though ego is the biggest disease, it is the biggest virtue when used to control the mind.

In our spiritual realm of consciousness, God gave you to walk unto God. And walking on that path you need your radiant body and with radiant body you need the power of the radiance of the soul and to get that soul unto your radiant body walk unto God, and you need to virtually funnel it through your own mind.

There is nothing more precious in a human existence than human control on human mind by the human itself. That is why the third Nanak, Guru Amar Das talks to his own mind, portraying an example for you all to follow [through Anand Sahib]. Those who follow the Siri Guru Granth as the spiritual abode will understand that mind has been addressed as an identity totally separate and independent of the human being itself. And if your Guru has talked to your mind, why not you?

You do sing and say the Shabad of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Master where he said, ‘Oh my mind, practice yoga in this way.’ Re man eh bidh yog kamaao. This indicates that between you and God, union can come through your own mind, and the highest quality and faculty which God has granted you to experience is to train your mind, your way. All spiritual paths, prayer, any religion and reality, any truth which you ever experience or may experience, are to direct your mind towards your soul, and the sole purpose of life is to see the mind and soul and body in one line.

Lineage has to be kept and maintained within the scope of your living experience and this is called “Godhead.” Spiritual masters through the grace of the Guru and by the blessing of God share this with the martyrs within the body which shall be destroyed under the pressure of the time and the space. But the shining soul will leave an infinite, ever-living memory behind for all those who relate to spiritual realms to follow. And that is the purpose for all people to visit the earth.

The House of Guru Nanak, in the word of Guru Nanak, gave you a virtue and first acceptance of God by giving you the directive of the Akaal Moorat (undying image). Let your picture be that of God; as God made you, personify that. And I have seen people under the pressure make changes. I have seen people asking for success on this earth. You all forget, your success on this earth is based on how successful you have control of your own mind. You shall not enjoy the fruit of any virtue if you are not virtuous enough to control your own mind. You shall never be happy with anything on this planet earth, it doesn’t matter what it is, if you do not virtually, happily, direct your mental energy to your own spirit.

By insulting and disobeying men of God, you declare war on your own virtues. By saying ruthlessly, shallow abusive words to men of God, you destroy the virtue of your destiny. And you play as a victim and are helpless in the hand of fate.

Therefore it is directed that every morning you should add to your virtues by praising the Lord God, so a consistent relationship may be established between your spiritual teacher and your spiritual self. It is the human experience that those who obey their spirit can easily conquer their mind. And to control the spirit, all men of all races have equally to share the word. In the beginning there was a word, word was with God, and word was God.

And thus Guru Nanak embodies himself in the Siri Guru Granth so all men, of all times can relate to the word, which in the rhythm and in the effectiveness can bring into you neuro-chemical changes of your own neuro-chemical chemistry for effectiveness so that your higher consciousness can always be around you in memory.

This memory which is virtually created by the pineal radiation — 10 trillion cells of your body dance around with that light, that virtuous radiation of that pineal.

And thus all that you do, and you are competent to do, is highly creative, by understanding and directing your energy to understand that you are a God-phenomena and not an individual. And in God phenomena you see God in all, see everything as a play of God, and thus you will reside in a peace where prayer is your power, peace is your virtue and service is your gift. Those who believe in serving all, at all times, shall be highlighted by the presence of God forever.

That is why to join that army of Godly people, Guru Gobind Singh established the order of the Khalsa and gave you bana, bani, seva, simran. It is the power of the simran which controls the radiation of three cycles of the pineal. It is the virtue and the strength in which you can stand out by wearing bana which is a dedicated offering to that Almighty God. And it is that power to serve all and see God in all which is seva. And that is why we are fortunate to have Siri Guru Granth which is the ocean contained of the nectar of bani which has all the virtues for all the time.

With all that we know, what we have, and what we can do, if we suffer, it is unbelievable disbelief. Through time and space earth has kept its routine and as it keeps its routine, it tells you the play is on. And the last words of Nanak are so virtuous: Pavan guroo, paanee pitaa, maataa darat mahat. Divas raat do-e daa-ee daayaa khaylai sagal jagat.

Pavan: the vehicle of prana is the guru. Paanee pitaa: the strength. Pitaa: Father who represents the ultimate strength, is the water. So the pranic air and the virtual water are human strength and continuitive of life. And the earth is the mother on which we have the abode to experience. Day and night are our nurses in which we play the game of life.


View this article as it originally appeared in Beads of Truth in Summer of 1985


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