2020 Global Sadhana for Earth Day

Image by annca from Pixabay.

Global Week-Long Sadhana Honoring Mother Earth

April 20th-26th, 2020

“Air is the Guru, Water is the FatherandEarth is the Great Mother of All” 

Sikh Dharma international is partnering with 3H0 and the Kundalini Research Institute for a global sadhana honoring Mother Earth to celebrate Earth Day this year. We would like to invite the global community to participate in this week-long global sadhana.   

We will be doing 11 recitations of the Slok (last section of Japji Sahib) each day for one week. Participants can also listen to the Slok for 11 minutes, listen to it and meditate on it throughout their day or practice a combination of reciting, listening and meditating.  

Let’s magnify our positive prayers for Mother Earth. Through this group practice, we honor Mother Earth and project for her healing, and for growing awareness and positive shifts to fight climate change throughout the world 

Find resources and tools to support your practice of the Slok here.


New Musical Recordings of the Slok

Musicians in our community have graciously new recordings of musical versions of the Slok for this Earth Week Sadhana.  Wahe Guru! Each day we will post one on our Slok Recitation Broadcasts Page. Check it out to listen to these unique recordings.


Take Action for Mother Earth

Participants are encouraged to take actions that benefit the planet in addition to our group practice,. This can include things like: recycling as consciously as possible; turning off lights when we leave the room; doing laundry in cold water; encouraging our elected representatives to take aggressive action on climate change, and other actions. View the actions SDI staff are taking to reduce our global impact! 

Wondering how to make an even bigger impact this year in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Global Climate Strike and the U.S. Climate Strike Coalition are here to help:

Click here to access safety guidelines, organizing tactics and activism tools! 

Honor Mother Earth During 2020

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