In the Age of Aquarius, Be the North Star


When you look up at the sky and see the North Star, it is the one star which does not change its place. It is the only stable thing in the whole planetary system. It is always in the north. Even the sun changes its direction according to the weather and the orbit of the earth, though the sun is stationary. But the orbit of the earth does not allow the sun to remain stationary in the sky. In winter the sun is different, and in summer it is different. The moon also fluctuates. You cannot depend on it. For centuries, navigation around the world was dependent on the North Star, which is commonly known as the navigation star for finding one’s direction.

In the Age of Aquarius, that will be the place of the Khalsa: steady, firm, never changing, with character and characteristics. A Khalsa will be a classical human with a complete sensory system.

You are not born because you happened to be born. You have already traveled for many lives and had many experiences. Sometimes you had a chance but you were not in a position to hold onto the path. It happens when somebody wants to go to the top of the mountain. All do not succeed. Not every fruit which the tree gives reaches the king’s plate. But many of you are here with a sensory system of life that the Age of Aquarius is developing. You have to relish life in that system. You have to grow in the super-sensory system and figure out though the meditative eye what is real and what is not.

Remember the Piscean Age is coming to an end. It only has about 30-some years, to be exact. This war which is happening is the beginning of eliminating the earth’s over population. If you expect that creating a billboard for peace means that peace will prevail, it is not going to happen. The earth is meant to hold 3 billion people and we are 6 billion right now.  So, we are 3 billion surplus. All our talking high and speaking big that we can feed 10 billion people – is all talk.  For a long time, we would not spray chemicals on our crops. Now, there is so much spraying, there is no way to keep the earth organic.  There will be two places which will be organic – the North Pole and the South Pole.  The rest of the Earth, even the ocean will be not organic. There is so much dirt, chemicals, and blunder in it.

Do you remember the man who was boating off the coast of Los Angeles and found bags floating, full of syringes, needles and medicine bottles? The majority of them were poison bottles. He saw many bags which had been dumped in the ocean. Due to the tide, they started to float. He informed the authorities and they collected about 100 of them. Every day, they were coming up and up and up.

Man is greedy by nature.  We have ruined our rivers, our water supplies, our land, and our environments. That only means one simple thing: we have ruined our personalities, our characters, our characteristics, our virtues to believe, and our guardian principles to guide us with those beliefs so we can be radiant and real. That is why Guru Gobind Singh, within his lifetime, created an organization of humans and transferred onto them the terms of Khalsa. Purity and piety is our main principal.

Sometimes, normally, we get very offended. But gossip is not our way. Slandering others is not our way. Our way is to look at our purity and not to bring any thought into our head which makes us impure. That is the greatest thing that we are obliged to understand. We have to understand that God has made us as organic people. We grow and become older as God wills it. That is more than enough.

We may be few.  But just understand there is one God. Fewer than few – One. That’s why Guru Nanak, when describing the universe in the planetary system of his interaction – what the universe is – said Ek Ong Kaar.  He didn’t say “Om Kaar.” He said “The One who is creative within the entire creation but still remains One.”

And then, Sat Naam – true is the identity of the Name.  If your name is “Shahinshaa” and Shahinshaa means king of the kings and you are begging on the road side, you are just insulting your own identity, your own name.

Kartaa Purkh Do for others, more than what you can do for yourself.

Nirbhao, Nirvair.  Have no fear of the thought within the thought, the mind within the mind, and the consciousness within the consciousness.  And have no vengeance because you are nothing but a living love. You do not have to get even with anybody. You have to get even with your own self.

That is where the status of a proven identity, Akaal Moorat, will be established.  Wealth will come to you. Prosperity will come to you. Because a statue of stone gets worshiped and you are living human beings. But you have to reach the state of being Akal Moorat.

Ajooni. Because your soul has come through infinite times, it is never dead. Only the body drops and the soul goes on. It is a continuous world. It is a continuous universe. From the beginning, it has gone through changes and it will go on changing. Nothing can stop it. That is how the impulse of the Creator is.

Saibhang. By its own creativity within its own consciousness within its own extension – that is how the human is described and defined as Saibhang.

We relate all these words to God as if they do not belong to us. What do you mean that they belong to God? They belong to YOU. You have to become these characteristics and become as these characteristics demand of you. When you reach all of that, your ego will not be ridiculous.

Gurprasaad:  With Guru’s grace you can find all these things in you.

And then, you will have the capacity, creativity, grace and greatness which is very rare so that you can say Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Haibhee Such, Naanak Hosee Bhee Such. Then, you can stand as a guarantor of Naanak’s teaching of love and his specimen, which he created in the form of Guru Gobind Singh.

Remember this is a very precious life.  It has come to you out of many lifetimes and once you slip, there is no end to it. My prayer is that you will be firm, exalted, and excellent.

Copyright the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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