Japji Sahib – 8th Pauree

8th Pauree

The Eighth Pauree gives the power to be a perfect sage.

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Excerpted from the book Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib:

Guru Nanak tells us that by listening deeply, we merge into the vibration of a siddha – a master who has achieved spiritual perfection, a peer – a great holy man, and a sur naath – a yogi of great meditative capacity. You become the master of all occult powers and the knower of all realms. By listening deeply, the natural balance of the earth and the heavens is revealed. We intuitively understand what sustains this balance.

By listening deeply, we perceive the immense sweep of the world, the oceans, and the multitudes of people on many lands. By listening deeply, we understand the mythical world of the afterlife and the hidden knowledge of the process of death. And, by listening deeply, we are freed from the terror of the death experience. In this state of consciousness, the passage of time does not impede us and the specter of death does not frighten us. Guru Nanak is advising that by listening, the knowledge of all things comes to us, both on the physical plane and in the subtle worlds. He says that by listening, we are forever in bliss because all suffering, all maladies, and all karmas fall away.


Musical Recitations

Enjoy these recitations of the 8th Pauree courtesy of the SikhNet Gurbani Media Center:

Mata Mandir Singh – Sunia Sidh

Pavan Kaur – Sunie

Ram Singh – Suniai

Wahe Guru Kaur (WHA!)



8th Pauree

Sunni-ai sidh peer sur naath.

Sunni-ai dharat dhaval aakaash.

Sunni-ai deep lo-a paataal.

Sunni-ai po-eh na sakai kaal.

Naanak bhagataa saadaa vigaas.

Sunni-ai dookh paap kaa naas. II 8 II


Deeply listening are the Siddhas, the spiritual teachers,

the heroic warriors and the yogic masters.

Deeply listening are the earth,

its support, and the akaashic ethers.

Deeply listening are the oceans, the lands of the world,

and the nether regions of the underworld.

While deeply listening, death cannot even touch you.

O Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss.

Deeply listening, pain and sin are erased.

Need to practice your pronunciation of Japji Sahib?

One of the best ways to learn how to recite Japji is to listen to and read along with someone else reciting it.

To help with that, we have a FREE Japji for the Aquarian Age App for IOS and Android.  Once you download it, you can use it to recite the complete Japji Sahib in your daily practice, or you can choose the “Repeat Paurees” feature and follow along with the recitation of each section of Japji Sahib.

A special 40 week practice of reciting Japji Sahib is to recite one section 11x a day for one week and then do the same for the next section and so on, until over 40 weeks, you’ve completed a practice of reciting each of the 40 sections of Japji Sahib 11x a day for a week.

Here are instructions for downloading the Japji for the Aquarian Age App

In Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib, by Gurutej Singh Khalsa with Shanti Kaur Khalsa, Based on the teachings of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan:

In Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak touches the deepest essence of individual consciousness, elevating one to the universal consciousness. Japji is made up of 40 remarkable segments where Guru Nanak not only explains the mysteries of the cosmos, but also gives us spiritual instruction that we can follow to achieve the same experience of higher consciousness that Guru Nanak embodied. In this book the Mul Mantra and each of the 38 paurees of Japji, plus the Slok, are explained from a spiritual as well as historical perspective, enhanced by the teachings of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan. It is our sincere prayer that this book will open up to you the miraculous wonder of Japji Sahib.

194 pages including an in-depth exploration of the 40 sections of Japji Sahib, 48 full color illustrations, 15 meditations that enhance the effects of the pauris, pronunciation guide and glossary and a foreword by Bhai Sahiba, Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD. Includes beautiful full-color paintings by Sewa Singh and Sewa Kaur.

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