Japji Sahib – 30th Pauree

30th Pauree

The Thirtieth Pauree places you upon the throne of divinity.
It makes you into a sage and a saint.

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Mirroring the yogic tradition, Guru Nanak explains that God in His unique way created maya, the creative principle of the universe, and she gave birth to three disciples: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the holy trinity of the Hindu belief system. Each of these three were assigned a role. Brahma’s role is to create. Vishnu’s role is to sustain and protect. Shiva’s role is to transform or destroy.

The yogis kept carvings of these three deities and bowed to them in worship. Guru Nanak reminds the yogis that matter and spirit do not exist independent of God and neither do the deities. It is the True One who gives life even to the deities, by Divine Will, and they obey only that Divine Will. Only the One is omnipotent. The One sees all, yet no one, not even the deities, can see all of the One.

The 30th pauree is a powerful mantra of its own known by the yogis as Mirtoo Bhogalee Jogalee. Guru Nanak tells us in the 30th pauree that by accepting the furmaann, the command of the One, the devotee is not subjected to the cycle of karma and walks the path of Dharma.

30th Pauree

Aykaa maa-ee jugat vi-aa-ee tin chaylay parvaann.

Eik sansaaree eik bhanddaaree eik laa-ay deebaann.

Jiv tis bhaavai tivai chalaavai jiv hovai furmaann.

Oho vaykhai onaa nadar na aavai bahutaa ayho viddaann.

Aadays tisai aadays.

Aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug ayko vays. || 30 ||


The One Divine Mother conceived and gave birth to the three deities.

One, the Creator of the World;

one, the Sustainer; and one, the Destroyer.

He makes things happen according to the pleasure of His Will.

Such is His celestial order.

He watches over all, but none see Him.

How wonderful this is!

I bow to Him, I humbly bow.

The Primal One, the Pure Light,

without beginning, without end.

Throughout all the ages,

He is one and the same. || 30 ||


Musical Recitation

Enjoy these beautiful musical recitations of the 30th Pauree of Japji Sahib courtesy of the SikhNet Gurbani Media Center:

Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa

Gyani Sahib Singh (Markanda) 


 Need to practice your pronunciation of Japji Sahib?

One of the best ways to learn how to recite Japji is to listen to and read along with someone else reciting it.

To help with that, we have a FREE Japji for the Aquarian Age App for IOS and Android.  Once you download it, you can use it to recite the complete Japji Sahib in your daily practice, or you can choose the “Repeat Paurees” feature and follow along with the recitation of each section of Japji Sahib.

A special 40 week practice of reciting Japji Sahib is to recite one section 11x a day for one week and then do the same for the next section and so on, until over 40 weeks, you’ve completed a practice of reciting each of the 40 sections of Japji Sahib 11x a day for a week.

Here are instructions for downloading the Japji for the Aquarian Age App

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