Kriya for Creating Self-Love

“O Nanak, sing of the Lord, the Treasure of Excellence.

Sing, and listen, and let your mind be filled with love.

Your pain shall be sent far away, and peace shall come to your home.”

~Guru Nanak Dev Ji, 5th Pauree of Japji Sahib

Sing the praises of the One and listen to those praises being sung and you become absorbed in Divine Love. Simply singing is not enough. We must also listen and as we do, let the mind be filled with love. Guru Nanak tells us what happens when this love floods our consciousness, ‘Your pain shall be sent far away and peace shall come to your home.’ Give all your pain to the Guru, and the love of the One will fill your being.

~Passage from the book, “Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul:  Japji Sahib“.  

Read and listen to the 5th Pauree of Japji Sahib.

This Kriya for Creating Self-Love was originally taught on April 5, 1994

(Part 1 is also known as Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya)

This kriya helps to open the heart, create a positive relationship to the self, and make you available to receive love.

Part 1

This exercise is called Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya. Here you are mentally and hypnoti­cally blessing yourself. This self-blessing is to affect and correct the magnetic field. It is said that doing this exercise will hurt if you have a lot of anger. Self-help is very difficult for those who are angry. After doing this exercise for 5 minutes your muscles may start hurting if your diet needs cleaning up. The taste in your mouth will change if you are breathing correctly.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and hold your right palm six to nine inches above the top center of your head. The right palm faces down, blessing you. This self-blessing corrects the aura. The left elbow is bent with the upper arm near the rib cage. The forearm and hand point upward. The left palm faces forward and blesses the world.

Eyes: The eyes are closed and focus at the lunar center in the middle of the chin.

Breath: Breathe long, slow, and deep with a feeling of self-affection. Try to bring the breath to one breath per minute: Inhale for 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, exhale for 20 seconds.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes. Then inhale deeply and move slowly and directly into position for Exercise 2.

Part 2

This exercise will benefit everything between the neck and navel. It will give strength to the heart and will open up the heart center.

Posture: Extend your arms straight out in front, parallel to the ground, palms facing down. Stretch out to your maximum.

Eyes: The eyes are closed and focused at the lunar center in the center of the chin.

Breath: The breath is long, slow, and deep.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes. Then inhale deeply and move slowly and directly into position for Exercise 3.

Part 3

Posture: Stretch your arms straight up with the palms facing forward. There is no bend in the elbows.

Eyes: The eyes are closed and focused at the lunar center.

Breath: The breath continues to be long, slow, and deep.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes.

To finish: Inhale, hold your breath for 10 seconds while you stretch your arms upward (try to stretch so much that your buttocks are lifted) and tighten all the muscles of your body. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.

Comments: “Love doesn’t rule you. What rules you is fear, phe­nomenal fear. Through this kriya, love can be invoked and fear can be reduced. Can you spare seventeen minutes for yourself in twenty-four hours? This meditation will totally change you from the inside out. It will give you self-consciousness, self-experience, self-love and then you can love everybody. Become total.” – Siri Singh Sahib Ji


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