Learn to be You


Siri Singh Sahib Ji

“Light of the Shabad Guru Series”

February 12, 1995
Guru Ram Das Ashram, Los Angeles, CA, USA

In the lecture entitled, “Learn to be You,” from the “Light of the Shabad Guru” series, the Siri Singh Sahib discusses how to live authentically. He explains, “Body is given to you for the sensory system of the soul…once you learn how to take care of it, you learn how to live…the conflict between I and Thou always is reflective. But, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib directly addresses the mind as a separate identity…Soul has taken birth to experience God’s creation in it’s infinity, to go from here unto infinity of the mind itself. That’s why Guru says in Japji, if you can conquer your mind, from your negativity and ill thoughts and lower self, you can win the whole world.”

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