Love Through Service


Excerpt from: The Master’s Touch: on being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age, written by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

The Teachers Oath

I am not a Woman

I am not a Man

I am not a Person

I am not Myself

I am a Teacher

Class one:  Morning of April 21, 1997 in Assisi

“Love Through Service”

This is a Teacher’s Course. We have no consideration whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, pretty or ugly, whether you are French, German, Norwegian, or anything. First of all, I will request you to get rid of your prejudice and remember the Oath of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher which we take.

It doesn’t matter how much I teach you, and how much you learn—the role of the Teacher is to elevate another person. The Teacher works through body language. He works through his sight. He works through his word. A Teacher is not one who covers the distance of destiny—he rewrites the destiny.

This course reflects my second side of the teachings, which I hid for twenty-eight years. I didn’t come here to collect students or to start a religion. That was not my idea.

age-of-aquariusOn the Eleventh of November 1991, the Age of Pisces ended, and the Age of Aquarius started. In between we have actually twenty-one years of the cusp, during which time you will find a change. The majority of people will go beserk. Signs and symptoms are as follows:

People will become convincingly argumentative and negative.

Second, people will feel a lot of unhappiness in their hearts, in spite of the fact that everything is normal.

Thirdly, you will feel deep, deep loneliness.

Fourth, you will feel tired. Tired of what? Tired of eating, tired of living, tired of tired.

The fundamental has changed—the Age of Aquarius is different than the Age of Pisces. In the Piscean Age, it was, “I want knowledge; take me where it is available or I’ll go where I can get it.” In the Aquarian Age, it is “I want experience, I have knowledge.” It is opposite.

This is what is going to happen. I may live or not, it doesn’t matter. I have done my job. People will grab you in the street saying, “Help me.” You may not know their name, you may not know who they are. They don’t know your name; they will not know who you are. But the fact is they have to just see your Radiant Body, and they will be attracted to you as iron to a magnet.

You will not know what to do. Sometimes you will try to say something; sometimes you will try to run away. There’s nothing bad you can do, or good you can do. The only thing you should do is what I do. I just hold the hand of the person, and all I say is, “You are the Lord of the Miracles. I can’t do it. Help this person.” I don’t say that I’m very pure or that I am very saintly—I don’t care to be a saint or pure. But it happens on the spot. And that’s what you have to do to protect yourself.

You have been chanting all these years without knowing the meaning of, “God and me, me and God, are One.” Now it is the time to understand it. Your purity and piety will work. There’s no other miracle. Everybody has longitude and latitude, but at the moment within the time and space, if you can have an altitude and attitude, you win. If you forget this, you lose. There’s no other big miracle.

We should learn to contain our negativity. God gave you the negative mind just to see through where you can be damaged. God didn’t give you the negative mind to become negative. There are two powers on this Earth—one is lever, one is lens. The lever of a person is his word, and the lens of a person is his intuition.

I am sitting higher than you because I learned and you are learning. That’s the only difference. You’ll be as powerful tomorrow as I am today. Rather, the standard is that you should be ten times stronger than me. Then you can hold that flood of students. All these days you will hate me, I know. There’s no other way, because some of the exercises are very painful. Because within this time, we have to rebuild your inner channels, rebuild your projection, and attack your ego. The last part you will not like, because you are still playing that, “This Earth belongs to me.” It doesn’t. Never has.

The One who rotates this Earth will take care of your routine. None of you are orphans; none of you are poor; none of you are insane or miserable. Just widen yourself so you can get all that there is. Close yourself and everything will run away.

st-francis-of-assisiYou know, this is St. Francis’s place. He saw all things as God—particularly the birds. That’s what he saw. Think of a butcher, who kills every animal; then think of this man whose shoulder was loaded with birds wherever he walked. Those birds understood his innocence. In the same way, when you are innocent, students who want to learn the language of light will come to you, love you, hug you, and adore you.

Just like the birds came and sat on top of his head. Do you know what he did? He chopped off his hair from the center. So the birds could have a proper sitting place. With hair, they used to fall left and right. It was his way of saying, “You are better than me. Come on, sit here.” Sometimes for hours and hours he used to walk like that. Do you think he was insane? No. He’s a saint and you are not. That was his mind.

You have to have that mental power to welcome everybody. When you sit in judgment, you shall sit in insecurity. The moment you are insecure, you are done; you are cooked; you make no sense. Because then you limit yourself, you make yourself small. Our way of life is infinite vastness and love through service.

This is the body—through its touch, its sight, and its expression you are going to heal the world. If this body does not have unlimited strength to elevate, it won’t work. Do not deceive yourself. What you need is the strength of your soul and your determination. Let us see if we are balanced or not.



Source:  The Master’s Touch: on being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age

Copyright:  Yogi Bhajan Teachings

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