Prosperity Meditation – I, My Mind, We, Thou, Thee

Bring the forearms parallel to the ground in front of the Heart Center, palms facing down. Place the right hand over the left, lightly touching. The fingertips of the right hand are at the edge of the left wrist. The fingertips of the left hand touch the underside of the right wrist.

MANTRA: Chant the mantra in a monotone from the navel.


Yogi Bhajan demonstrated the mantra in a specific 8-beat rhythm giving each word a solid beat with 2 silent beats as follows:


TIME: 9 1⁄2 minutes.

TO END: Inhale deeply, suspend the breath 15 seconds and listen to what you have said. Let the mantra be your only thought. Exhale. Inhale again. Suspend the breath and hold the thought 15 seconds. Exhale. Inhale again and allow the sounds of those words to come to your ears. Suspend the breath 15 seconds and exhale and relax.

COMMENTS: Practice this meditation so you can walk the distance, reach your destiny and make many to follow you.

You do not know the basic formula of life. I, My Mind, We, Thou, Thee. That is what Anand Sahib is all about. It’s the Guru’s given wisdom between a man and his mind, a man and his body, and a man and his spirit. Anybody can adopt it. Anybody can understand it. Anybody can work with it and live in bliss.


A Prosperity Meditation given by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on June 19, 1998
Featured in Success and the Spirit, An Aquarian Path to Abundance, page 201

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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