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Earth Prayer – Snatam Kaur

Inspired by her deep love and sense of responsibility for the environment, Snatam says, "My intention for this song and this video is that it will help all of us awaken to our role as stewards of the planet." Directed and photographed by Robin Layton with music produced by Thomas Barquee. Visit
earth prayer-ocean

Reflexiones Acerca del Décimo Noveno Pauree del Llap Lli Sāhib por Gurū Nānak

A través de nuestra palabra hablada creamos nuestras vidas y entornos, palabra por palabra. Coloreamos la experiencia. Con cada palabra hablada el alma escucha, y está obligada a continuar de una forma u otra por el comando de la palabra hablada. Cuando nuestras palabras están llenas de miedo, calumnia y promesas vacías, creamos estas energías
Japji Pauri 19 Spirit Voyage

The Golden Gift of Peaceful Sleep ~ Kirtan Sohila

I have been listening to, or reciting Kirtan Sohila (evening Sikh prayer) my whole life. My first conscious memory of this prayer was when my stepfather, Sat Santokh would read Kirtan Sohila to me every night before going to sleep. I am grateful beyond any words I can come up with that my stepfather did this. There
Kirtan Sohila-Snatam