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Hope is an energy source straight from the heart. It’s like the alarm clock urging us to go to Sadhana, a light bulb inside of us that lets us simply be and shine in the world. Trust in that energy source. Know hope and be hope. Allow yourself to be the light of hope that
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Giving Thanks

In the delightful, excited babble of my one-year-old son, there are few words we adults can actually understand, but the one that stands out most prominently is his cute little “thank you.” And it warms my heart to hear this young, growing human, who cannot otherwise communicate, clearly giving thanks. Every time he says, “thank
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Facing Change

I remember when I first started out with yoga and meditation, and defining my spiritual path. When something would happen in my life that would bowl me over, I was dumb-founded and slightly ticked off! How could this be – when I was doing yoga, working on myself, and as disciplined as one could wish!