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Japji Card of the Week: 1st Pauree

The total knowledge of God and ecstasy is contained in this Pauree of Japji Sahib. It is an antidote to depression. It will lift you from the deepest depression, insecurity, nightmares, and loss, and bring contentment. Purchase the full set of Japji Meditation Cards from the SDI Marketplace!
1st Pauree Japji Card of the Week

Japji Card of the Week: Mul Mantra

The Mul Mantra will change your fate. It removes the fate and changes the destiny to complete prosperity. Recited for 11 minutes a day, it rids one of fear and keeps one in touch with the very foundation or root of life, the soul. Reciting it rids one of all enemies. Purchase the Full Set
Mul Mantra Japji Card

Wearing the 5K’s (Kara, Kesh, Kirpan, Kacheras, Kanga)

When Guru Gobind Singh gave the gift of the Five K’s to the Khalsa he did so with a promise; that by following the teachings of the Guru and keeping ourselves distinct, we will have his undying power and support. These five tools, along with our daily sadhana, allow us to maintain our grace. dignity

Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib

In Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak touches the deepest essence of individual consciousness, elevating one to the universal consciousness. Japji is made up of 40 remarkable segments where Guru Nanak not only explains the mysteries of the cosmos, but also gives us spiritual instruction that we can follow to achieve the same experience of higher consciousness
Japji Book Call of the Soul-3-D-JapjiBook

Turban Tying Demo Page

Below are two examples of how to tie a turban (using the "Starter Turbans" from our Marketplace) The male model is using “rubia” fabric and the female model is using “American Cotton” fabric. Our American Cotton Turban = 3.5 Yards in Length and approximately 19″ in width. (medium fine weave) Our Rubia (Indian Cotton Turban) = 3.5 Yards in
Bradley 5