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40 Days of Poetry: Day 29

The Names of Rama, Krishna and Buddha. Words of Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Devotions, religious rites, salutations and prayer, the wash of the saint’s feet and the cup of nectar. The realm of Raj Yog, Lord’s own mansion. The Name of God and yogic concentration. All of these shall be granted unto one who meditates upon Ram Das, the
Courtesy of Gurumustuk SIngh Flickr Page. Gurumustuk Singh Follow
Guru Ram Das
Paintings from the inspiring and beautiful book of poetry and art by Guru Kirin Kaur (Phoenix, Arizona).

40 Days of Poetry: Day 24

In the twilight zone of ecstasy. In absolute state of union. When a breath of life penetrates through, the soul cries ‘’Wahe Guru.” And the entire atmosphere is filled with the smell of roses. Union is complete with the disciple and the Lord.