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Aquarian Sevadar: Simrat Kaur – CURASER (Brazil)

Seva is really just you going there to help. If you start from there, the universe will take your hand and meet you there and go with you. People will come and join with you to bring a project to life, and things can start to grow. Don’t start only when you have everything all together, everything perfect. Start with something
Simrat Curaser Brazil

3H0 Luminary: Sunderta Kaur (Brazil)

Sunderta Kaur (Marina Maia) is developing a donation-built community center in an underserved area of Brazil for impoverished children and adults to learn the tools of Kundalini Yoga. She is the founder of Yoga e Negritude, which seeks to raise the profile of Black yoga students and teachers in Brazil.
Sunderta Kaur Brazil


Por SS Guru Nam Singh Khalsa y SS Sat Jivan Kaur Khalsa, McAllen TX, Publicado en el Verano de 2017, boletín del Ministerio de SDI ARTICULO SOBRE LA TRADUCCION, IMPRESIÓN Y DISTRIBUCION DE LIBROS DE LAS ENSENANZAS EN ESPANOL. A principios de los años 80’s mi esposa hizo frente a una profunda