Video: Learn a Shabad – Gur Pooray Meree Raakh Laaee

On Wednesday, March 18, Pritpal Singh hosted the monthly “Learn a Shabad” program, featuring the shabad Gur Pooray Meree Raakh Laaee. This video enables viewers to learn how to sing these sacred sounds. Some time is spent learning how to pronounce these words and what they mean. Some time focuses on learning one melody and

Spring Blossoms Welcome in the New Year

In this month, one humbly falls ‎at the feet of the saint who is able to reunite the separated soul with the universal soul. Thus, the beginning of Spring in the month of Chayt, is symbolic of the blossoming of a yearning to receive Vaheguru ji's darshan within the heart, and the soul to be alleviated from the pain of
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.