The Power and Blessings of Yatra

A personal story from GuruKirin Kaur Yatras have always been magical for me.  So many important events have happened on a yatra, which brought about deep shifts in my life and psyche. This is because a Yatra is a journey to the higher consciousness.  When we go through our prayer on a spiritual pilgrimage,

The Power of an Akhand Path

Akhand Paths are the continual recitation of the entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which normally takes 72 hours of nonstop reading. Many Gurdwaras around the world practice these Akhand Paths regularly.  In India large Gurdwaras may have many Akhand Paths happening in various rooms simultaneously dedicated to specific families, individuals or community spiritual requests.

JEE-A JANT SUPRASANN BHA-AY – A Prosperity Shabad That Brings Relief From Debts

jeea jant suprasann bhe dhekhi prabh parataap || karaj autaariaa satiguroo kar aahar aap ||1|| All beings and creatures are totally pleased, gazing on God's glorious radiance. The True Guru has paid off my debt; He Himself did it. ||1|| khaat kharachat nibahat rahai gur sabadh akhoot || pooran bhe'ee samagaree kabahoo nahee
Debt relief

DITHAY SABHAY THAAV – This Shabad Brings Countless Blessings

Guru Ram Das Ji chose the site for the Harimandir Sahib, the Golden Temple, where a pool of healing waters had been for thousands of years known to Yogis, holy men and healers. This location was acknowledged by Guru Ram Das as THE most sacred place on the planet.  Guru Arjun Dev Ji designed the Golden Temple and directed its
golden temple bathing


La esperanza es una fuente de energía directa desde el corazón. Es como la alarma del reloj instándonos a ir a Sadhana, una ampolleta dentro nuestro que nos deja simplemente ser y brillar en el mundo. Confía en esa fuente de energía. Conoce la esperanza y sé la esperanza. Permítete a ti mismo ser la
hope hand

Fe y Duda

“Fe y duda, fe y duda”. Estas palabras están sonando en mis oídos por una conversación que surgió en una reunión ayer en la mañana. “Es todo acerca de fe y duda. Y es ya sea una o la otra, no hay absolutamente ningún punto medio aquí, no hay espacio para ningún tipo de punto
Puzzle Peace

Vibrate the Cosmos

Excerpts from a lecture by Siri Singh Sahbi, Yogi Bhajan, given at Oakland Community College, Farmington, Michigan, 3/24/72, shared by 3HO This evening I will touch on only one topic: Infinity of the human mind in relationship to his activity. Suppose you practice Sat Nam and you have satya—the basic energy to relate to that Infinity, then