Día de Baisakhi, 1699

Día de Baisakhi, 1699, era un día lleno de actividades seguramente para todas las personas. La cosecha fue buena este año – teníamos justo la cantidad correcta de lluvia y sol para producir una gran cosecha de trigo de invierno – y todos estaban de buen ánimo. El día amaneció con un cielo sin nubes
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My First Turban

What is that?” I heard a huge voice behind me asking, as I sanded an antique Thonet bentwood chair. I turned to see Yogi Bhajan, my new teacher, towering over me with a most inquisitive stare. “It’s my turban, Sir,” I responded with great enthusiasm. It was actually a scarf that I’d managed to wrap enough
Divine Union Play, 3HO Anniversary, Janurary 5, 1970

Protected: Life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Nanak was born into a middle-class Hindu family in 1469 in a small village near Lahore, Pakistan. As a boy, he rejected commonly held spiritual conventions and spent as much time as he could in the company of traveling sadhus, mystics, and spiritual teachers. Although well versed in Sanskrit, Persian, and the sacred texts of
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Encontrando Nuestro Camino Hacia El Guru

No es que, años atrás, hice un plan de llegar a donde ahora me encuentro. Pero, como la mayoría de nosotros, seguí tomando decisiones que pensé me mantendrían moviéndome en la dirección correcta - mi Verdadero Norte. Sin ninguna atención de hacer eso, reconocí un sentimiento creciente de guía divina dirigiéndome siempre hacia adelante.

A Joyful Noise

  In this article written in 2004 by Guru Dass Singh, which was originally published in the Aquarian Times, Winter of 2005 (Vol. 4, No. 4) Edition, he explores the first 35 years of music in 3HO.   I wanted to be a rock star. I had left Puerto Rico for Boston in
Guru Dass Singh on the left with guitar; with other early 3H0 musicians: Krishna Kaur, Gurushabd Singh, Livtar Singh and Sat Peter Singh.

Khalsa String Band

The wonderful Khalsa String Band was composed of the finest musicians of early 3HO. The 3HO musical scene had been taking shape since Yogiji began teaching in Los Angeles in 1969. Some of his earliest students had begun putting mantras to music and writing songs of and for this new and emerging spiritual family.
Khalsa String Band

Baisakhi Day, 1699

Baisakhi Day, 1699, it was an eventful day, to be sure, for all people. The harvest was good that year — we had just the right amount of rain and sun to yield a large crop of winter wheat — and all were in fine spirits. The day dawned with a cloudless sky and the
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