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Reflections on the Eighth Pauri from JapJī Sāhib by Gurū Nānak

The Eighth Paurī is a meditation that touches on many subjects and guides the “listener” to merge into the essence of a Siddha, the person who can manifest the seemingly miraculous; a Pir, the revered spiritual guide; and Sur nāth, the great yogi of divine caliber; – to experience as near as is possible the consciousness of such illumined

Reflections on the Fourth Pauri from JapJī Sāhib by Gurū Nānak

  Reflections by Ram Singh Khalsa The Fourth Paurī blesses those trapped in feelings of poverty and lack of means. It blasts through the trap of these feelings like a thunderbolt.  – from the Teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (1) *** After introducing and developing the notion of hukam,
4th pauri