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Video: Dialogs in Dharma – The Transforming Power of Shabad Guru

Pritpal Singh hosted the third “Dialogs in Dharma” program on March 31. The topic for Episode 3 "The Transforming Power of Shabad Guru," exploring the deep experiences of long-time practitioners, with special guests Prabhu Nam Kaur and Sada Sat Simran Singh! This class was provided in both English and Spanish, with Ravi Prem Kaur and

Video: Learn a Shabad – Gur Pooray Meree Raakh Laaee

On Wednesday, March 18, Pritpal Singh hosted the monthly “Learn a Shabad” program, featuring the shabad Gur Pooray Meree Raakh Laaee. This video enables viewers to learn how to sing these sacred sounds. Some time is spent learning how to pronounce these words and what they mean. Some time focuses on learning one melody and